Tiger Cub (Ekaterina) is a young, playful shifter-mage (a Light werecat) employed in the Moscow Nightwatch with a penchant for jewels and amulets and is highly regarded both by Dark and Light Others. Despite being a werecat, she shows subbuccus-like qualities, as it is said that she can charm anyone. As the name implies, she shapeshifts to tiger as her preferred animal form. She has a large house riddled with secret passages and guarded by dogs trained to attack Others (normally animals are afraid of Others). She can be rather impulsive and vengeful, which gets her in trouble on several occasions. Tiger Cub is also very close with her partner, Bear and the two are often hinted at being lovers.

In Night WatchEdit

Tiger Cub is seen as a side character throughout most, if not all, of Night Watch; she and Bear help with various Nightwatch operations. In the third story, "All for My Own Kind", she throws a party at her home.

In Day WatchEdit

Tiger Cub is featured only in the second story of Day Watch,"A Stranger Among Others", where she falsely accuses the Mirror Other Vitaly Rogoza of murdering a young girl. She tries to kill Vitaly later after he accidentally kills her lover Andrei Tyunnikov, a fellow employee of the Nightwatch, but meets her demise in the battle.