Geser 2
Twilight Name Geser the Radiant
Name in Reality Boris Ignatich
Level Out of levels

Great Wizzard,

Leader of Moscow NightWatch



more than 1000

Appears in

Night Watch(book)

Night Watch(film)

Day Watch(book)

Day Watch(film)

Twilight Watch(book)

Last Watch(book)

Face of Black Palmira(book)

Geser - the character of books of Sergey Lukyanenko. He is one of the most powerfull wizards in the universe of Others.

Being the head of the Moscow Night watch, he occupies one of the central places in all novels.Geser can enter in the fifth stratum of twilight

Ancient historyEdit

Early years of a life of Geser in novels are not described. It is known only that Geser was born in Tibet. He has arrived to Europe in the fifteenth century having fallen in love with Olga.