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Anton as he appears at the start of the Night Watch movie

Anton Gorodetsky is the main character of the novel (most of the novel is written in the first-person from his point of view), a reluctant member of Night Watch. In the beginning of the first book he prefers mundane, technical jobs to actual field work. The events of the series force him to step up and become a full-fledged operative. They also make him considerably more cynical about the cause of Light Others. His favorite pastime is listening to randomly arranged custom mini-discs. He begins the series as a fifth level magician, but eventually is transformed into a magician beyond classification by Kostya, who is wielding the powerful Fauran. Despite his magical abilities, Anton always carries a pistol with silver bullets for protection from vampires and werewolves. Anton is married to Svetlana, a sorceress beyond classification, and they have a child Nadiyushka, who is an "Absolute (Zero Level) Enchantress”.