Alisa Donnikova is a Dark Other and member of the Day Watch, and is Zabulon's lover for much of the first book, before falling out with him after being caught conducting a 3rd degree magical intervention with humans by Anton Gorodetsky, a Night Watch agent.

She is the main character of the first part of book two in the series, The Day Watch. She is exhausted during a field operation against the Night Watch, and despite being brought back into favour with him, she is sent to the Ardek camp to be brought back to strength on "light broth" -- sucking the darkness out of the children staying at the camp. Whilst there, she meets Igor, who is unbeknownst to her a Night Watch member sent to the camp for the same reason after the same mission, and they briefly fall in love. It is cut short however, when they both restore their powers enough at the same time to see each other properly in the Twilight. Igor starts to believe he was knowingly seduced by a Dark One, and Alisa is challenged to a duel witnessed by the primordial powers, Light and Dark, in the nearby sea, where she drowns after it being revealed that Zabulon knew and planned for this all along.