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• 8/25/2017

Can gorodezky be turned into a other with the fuaran?

If Arina and Schauschkin work together maybe they could turn Anton into an other because Arina has done this without Book 1 time ago.
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• 10/5/2017
Theoretically, maybe. Depends on the nature of the way he was stripped by the Twilight. Not enough is known.
But, assuming it's possible, Arina already tried to remake the Fuaran. She never turned a normal person into an Other without the book, she managed to elevate Edgar to a Higher Other without the book - not even close to the same thing.
My thinking is that Arina didn't actually care too much about the spell to turn a human being into an Other and so studied the power elevation much more.
Even if she did, it's made perfectly clear that the book is needed to turn a human being into an Other as the blood needs to actually go onto the book.
Now, even if we pretend that she, along with Kostya, could actually recreate the Fuaran(which is highly unlikely), why would Kostya want to re-empower the man who effectively killed him? I don't think that's on his agenda.
Now, if we put all of that aside for a monent, pretend like Kostya is willing and that he and Arina could recreate the Fuaran, if they did re-empower Anton, his sacrifice in the final moments would be nullified. And if his sacrifice was taken away, chances are that the new agreement made would also be undone, ending life for almost all the Others and humans.
No, in the end Anton is a regular human being, and his sacrifice is living without his powers, in on a world he'll never be a true part of again, with a wife and child who will remain young as he grows old and dies. It's a pretty good ending.

The books are over, that's pretty clear - the author wanted to move on to other things now.
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